Robin Conrad 


Robin Conrad, also known by his stage name Loxley, is a plural artist and a wonderful storyteller. Originally known for his career in rap group L’Or du Commun, Robin later became a self-taught clip and documentary director. He started directing in 2016 with music videos for several great Belgian artists (Swing, Isha, Romeo Elvis…). He now focuses on the documentary genre and has known a rapid ascent over the past years. In 2021, he released his first short on Belgian-Congolese rapper Damso, “Kin, Tout est Vie”, which was filmed in Kinshasa. He then directed a four-episode documentary series on Belgian rap for FranceTV, called “BXXL”. At the moment, Robin is working on a new series about the live streaming platform Twitch and the stories it tells about our generation. From the youngest age, Robin has been curious about the world around him, permanently looking for a sense of truth in places and people. This philosophy is central to his approach. His way of crafting stories finds individualities in universalism, and universalism in individualities.


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