About us 

UNION is a comprehensive production company established in Brussels in 2019. Our moves are driven by a diverse team of creative individuals and innovators who specialize in crafting cutting-edge content mainly for artists but also media & agencies. We have cultivated strong partnerships with local directors and frequently engage with guest collaborators to provide comprehensive creative support throughout the entire production process, spanning from financial aspects to creative guidance.

At UNION, we produce a range of content: music videos, documentaries and commercials with an ethical approach. Our passion for unique imagery is the reason we don’t count our hours if it’s necessary. We take pride in bringing a creative and singular direction to our projects and in designing emotions and memories that mark the minds of our audiences. We are committed to ensuring our clients with direct dialog, quality content and safe budgeting. We are also available for local service production.

Whether you entrust us with creative concept, features films, branded content or music videos, our team of creatives and film directors knows how to walk off the beaten track. Years of experience have forged our capacity to broaden horizons and infuse art into your ideas while remaining true to your identity and the message(s) you seek to put into the world.

Looking for the ideal photo shoot? We will take care of every step of the way, from developing the original concept to post production and the final delivery. We collaborate with a large network of talented photographers, stylists, scenographers… Many any of whom are friends and know how to combine their skills to magnify your vision. Just sit back, relax, and let us plan it out for you!


Founded in 2019 Based in Brussels